The Great Pasta Experiment

Three different combinations of ingredients were used to determine which has the best texture and flavor. I have recently been making fresh pasta but have struggled with making it well consistently. My friend directed me to Michael Ruhlman’s blog ( which is known for providing ratios in weights for basic foods such as pasta. The idea is that once you memorize the ratios, you can cook anything you want. I used my cooking scale to first measure the wet ingredients in order to determine the weight of the flour. After mixing the ingredients and kneading a bit, the dough rested in the fridge for 20 minutes before being rolled out.
(each group made 1 serving of pasta)

Group 1: 1.5 parts flour (approx. 5/8C flour), 1 eggs
Group 2: 1.5 parts flour, .5 egg, .5 water
Group 3: 1.5 parts flour, .5 egg, .25 water, .25 olive oil
(my friends were not told which group was which during tasting)

Group 1 was the original recipe from Ruhlman’s blog. My friends and I liked both Group 1 and 2, not group 3. The oil left an unappealing aftertaste and the noodle texture was weak. Group 1 was sturdier with a richer flavor, slightly chewy. Group 2 was tender and had a nice, light flavor. I could see using Group 1 for heaving sauces and Group 2 for light ones.

I made a simple crimini mushroom, garlic olive oil sauce to lightly coat the pasta. I love fresh pasta!!

Science at play.



  1. Nice post, I always use flour and water only for my pasta. Olive oil on the outside only.

  2. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Fun, I love the science of cooking, and, it’s an art form.
    I’ll look forward to testing the results in my kitchen.

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