FMIOTW: Pecans

The lady at the Three Sisters farmers market stand explained to me how pecans have a large outer shell that stays on as it falls off pecan trees. They harvest the pecans when the outer shell cracks open a little, using a manual vacuum type device. Anywho…these are fresh and can be used in so many dishes. I decided to candy them for a salad…

Sugared pecans
-placed .25 C white sugar and .25 C brown sugar in a small frying pan with .5 C water. I let the mixture boil down for awhile and added a dusting of nutmeg. -I then added a handful of chopped pecans to the pan and let the glaze coat the nuts.
-Lastly, I added 1 T. butter and stirred until melted and evenly coated.
-I poured the nuts onto a non-stick baking mat and let cool for 10 mins


Love three sisters

Butter, sugar and nuts...duh

Warm and sugary!


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