Spiaggia (Italian in Chicago)

Tony Mantuano, the head chef, was on Top Chef Masters and referred to as THE master in Italian fine dining. Perhaps Sarah Grueneberg, the executive chef, was still competing in Top Chef Texas last night? Spiaggia is touted as Obama’s favorite restaurant. Perhaps too much hype?

4 stars for dessert
3 stars for dinner

Advice: Do not add truffles to dishes, they have a nice aroma but not a significant flavor.

Wood roasted winter vegetables with an egg over polenta – The polenta stick was tender and crispy, the bits of vegetables were well seasoned. The red wine vinegar beets were overwhelming.

Wood roasted vegetables, polenta, egg

Agnolotti filled with veal, topped with truffles – The little pasta presents were cute but the dish lacked the perfection I expected. The one-note sauce almost tasted like it was thickened with corn starch.

Agnolotti filled with veal

Wood roasted trout with abalone mushrooms, BASIL FED SNAILS, creamy white polenta – Yes, you read it correctly, basil fed snails. Most amusing part to my meal, and they did taste like basil! The trout was a delicious fillet of fish without need of any fancy complements.

Wood roasted trout with basil fed snails

Mint gelato – incredibly delicious. Every dessert ordered at the table looked and tasted extraordinary. I could be back just for dessert.

Desserts were a must.


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Basil feed snails???
    some people don’t have anything better to do with their life?
    I hope they put chocolate over them 🙂

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