Homemade sushi is fun!

Buy some short grain Japanese sushi rice at the store and get cookin! Proper raw fish preparation is kind of intimidating for homemade maki and sushi so I decided to make veggie maki. There are many veggie options, tonight I chose avocado, cucumber and carrot. The wasabi powder I bought from the store is mainly horseradish so that is spicy but not authentic. I also purchased some pickled ginger that from the ingredients label sounds really easy to make at home. (label: ginger, rice wine vinegar, sugar…)

I grabbed the sushi rice preparation from Alton Brown and conjured up sushi wisdom from past teachers.

2 C. of sushi rice made in a rice cooker (thoroughly wash sushi rice under water before cooking. also made 2C. of rice to 3C. of water)
-added a heated mixture of 2T. rice wine vinegar, 2T. sugar and 1tsp salt to rice. Cut through rice with spoon to spread vinegar and let rice cool to room temperature

-Cut things thin and long. Cucumbers, avocado, carrots are pretty traditional for a good reason.

I own a bamboo sushi mat and cover with a layer of plastic wrap. I fry a sheet of Nori (dried sea vegetable) and then place on the plastic wrap with shiny side down.
-I spread around a thin layer of rice (leaving .5 inch space at one end), then sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and lightly drizzle with wasabi.
-Added fillings in a compact strip near riced end, closest to you
-Then start the roll slowly, tucking the Nori tightly as it meets the rice on its first roll over the filling. Dip you finger in some water and lightly wet the riceless .5 inch of nori to seal the roll at the end.
-Cut the roll in 6 pieces and run the knife across a citrus fruit to quickly remove sticky starch.
-Done. So good and fresh and healthy!

Beginning of a roll

Bday sushi!


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Jamie, that looks amazing! I hope that it was as tasty at it looked.

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