Three Floyds Brewpub (Muenster, IN)

Breakdown of food: 3.5 stars, beer: 4 stars.

What more could I ask of a brewpub? I had a delicious, cozy meat trio of braised pork, pub-made pork sausage and duck confit over beans for lunch. Each piece of meat was cooked and seasoned perfectly. YAY!! That being said, my friends’ dish of mole braised chicken was under-seasoned and the picked cucumbers weren’t acidic enough. The slow roasted lamb bucatini was also tasty!

And the beer, made with care and skills. Our brewery tour guide, Phil, was knowledgeable and entertaining. I appreciate beer and understand the fermentation process much better now. We left with a case of Brian Boru, a refreshing Irish red.

If you go on a Saturday around noon, expect a 45 minutes wait at the brewpub. It was convenient to catch the 1pm tour while we were waiting for our table. You can put your name on the list once you arrive but obviously no reservations. The vibe inside the pub is Grateful Dead meets Bruce Lee…as in they had a Bruce Lee movie projected on the wall with loud rock music harmonizing to each table’s conversation. Cool place.


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