FMIOTW: Ground elk meat

The local indoor market featured elk meat this past Saturday. Since I’ve never eaten elk, of course I had to buy some. The elk farm is located in Wisconsin and elk is apparently the largest species of deer in the world per Wiki. It tastes like….beef. It is not gamey at all and is characterized as leaner than traditional red meats. I prepared it in two ways, turkish pizza and meatballs.

Red and ready.

For turkish pizza, I switched lamb for elk and it worked well. I sauteed ground elk, onions, carrots, green bell pepper in olive oil and tomato paste with roasted cumin, coriander, salt/pepper, cayenne and deglaze with red wine. I used TJ’s plain pizza dough and cooked them for 10mins at 450F. I topped the pizza with an organic greens salad dressed in olive oil and lemon.

fried egg and hot sauce brought everything together...yum.

Elk meatballs
I prepped the meatballs by mixing one egg, kitchen sink spices, .5lbs ground elk, and then mixed in some panko bread crumbs and fresh parsley. In a cast iron skillet I rendered the fat from one piece of bacon and removed the bacon so it wouldn’t burn. I seared and cooked the meatballs for approx 3mins each side in the bacon fat. They were moist and flavorful, despite elk not having a distinctive flavor.

I love my cast iron skillet šŸ™‚


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Glenn loves elk meat! If you can get some elk jerky he would absolutely go “bonkers”!!!!!

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