Canning: Meyer lemon ginger marmalade

This quarter’s slow food chicago canning course was ‘how to make marmalade’. I was thrilled to get off the wait list and join the other 14 women in the class…men don’t like canning for some reason… The recipe included a LOT of sugar, fresh lemon peels and wedges, and fresh ginger. No pectin was necessary since lemon peel naturally has it. Can’t wait to try it after it sets for 24hrs.

Lemons ready.

Boiled sugar, water, lemon peel, lemon wedges

Guess the 'preservation' part is unnecessary since I'll be eating it in one week, but it's a nice thought!

So…in 24hrs the jelly did not set as expected. I opened the can and poured the contents into a pot. I added a few peel slices from one apple and about 3T sugar b/c it was super sour. I boiled the marmelade for approx 10 minutes making sure to stir constantly to prevent burning. The pectin from the apple slices helped to gel the mixture. I took a cold metal spoon that I had placed in the freezer and dipped it in the marmelade. I ran my finger over the spoon and found the jelly did not quickly refill where my finger had been. Done! I poured the hot mess back into the mason jar and it started to gel immediately. Great consistency and flavor.

Thick and gooey. 🙂


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