Kefir tasting

In a few weeks a set of Kefir grains will arrive on my doorstep, ready to take a bath in milk and ferment for a day. In order to prepare for my homemade kefir adventures, I bought plain kefir from the grocery today. I tasted it alone; sour like yogurt with a thick milk consistency. On the nutrition facts, it looks like they add fiber so I guess they’re optimizing the benefits for your digestive system. As you can see below from the label, it’s a low-fat milk drink with lots of healthy bacteria that can aid digestion and provide calcium.

According to wiki, kefir has origins in the North Caucasus region, most of which is now in Russia. It was discovered by shepherds who found that the milk in their leather pouches would ferment and become slightly carbonated.

I made a banana, honey, almond and kefir smoothie today with the help of my emulsion blender. Very good! Few days later I made apple butter, honey, almond and kefir smoothie, also good.

Also, apparently you pronounce the drink ‘Kee-fir’ not ‘Ke-fear’.

a point of comparison


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    I think I will give you a few days and wait to see if your hair falls out 🙂
    We’ve been getting 100% fruit/veg. drinks, hoping to feel ten years younger! Still waiting……

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