Pork belly time! Pork belly time!

The only place in Chicago that sells pork belly is Paulina Meat Market. I love Paulina Meat Market. It came frozen so I thawed it in a water bath and prepped the marinade. Since the end result will be cubed for dim sum steamed ‘tacos’, I went for traditional Chinese flavors.

-dark soy sauce
-sesame oil
-chinkiang vinegar
-grated ginger
-szechuan peppercorns
-white pepper

After marinading in the fridge for an hour, I seared the pork belly in a cast iron skillet and poured in the marinade and some water to braise in the oven at 325F for 3 hours. I checked the liquid level every hour to make sure it was about 1/2 up the meat. I used a cover for the skillet to make sure the meat stayed moist. Right before serving, I cubed the belly and fried them up in sesame oil in the cast iron skillet. SO GOOD.

Marinade prep.

Cooling off after 3 hours of braising in the oven.

Trophy meat.

Finishing touches, golden and crispy.


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