In ‘Wild Fermentation’, Sandor Katz suggests making sauerkraut for beginning fermenting enthusiasts. So, why not! I shredded both red and green cabbage and salted them as I packed them into separate ceramic containers. After 24hrs, you should add brine (salt water) if the water-level isn’t just above the cabbage. Pack it all down with a weight on a plate, I’m using a brick.

After a week and a half, the cabbage is on its way to sauerkraut but is missing that acidic tangy flavor that needs to be quelled by potatoes and pork. Katz describes sauerkraut as fermenting by three different microbial species; coliform, leuconostoc, and lastly, lactobacillus. Each works in succession and so I’d imagine 1.5 wks isn’t enough to complete this chain.

I boiled fresh pork brats from paulina meat market in two different pots, one with 312 wheat beer from Goose Island and the other with tap water. I added sauerkraut (both kinds although I think I prefer green), caraway seeds, juniper berries, and peppercorns to each pot and let boil for 30 minutes. I finished the brats with a light fry in bacon fat in the cast iron skillet. Starting smell was a frat house the morning after a kegger (not that I would know, mom), finishing smell was of a hearty pub meal.

The beer-boiled brat and kraut won, obviously. Can’t wait for the sauerkraut to be fully ripe!

Day 0.

Day 10.

Brat stole the show.


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