Kefir – yummy yogurt-like drink

Like yogurt, kefir has active cultures which can benefit your digestive system. In addition, kefir is made from fermented milk and so has calcium and hopefully some added Vitamin D. I purchased the kefir grains from and Marilyn was great with customer service. She had to send the kefir grains twice! because they were sent back the first time.

What are kefir grains? Thanks to a packet that arrived with the grains, I have some explanation that they are micro-organisms such as bacteria. See pic for a listing:

real live kefir grains

bacteria can be good for you!

After letting the grains sit with milk (2% organic) for 24ish-hrs, I strained the kefir and pureed with honey and almonds. The taste was a little sour, slightly alcoholic and milky. I wasn’t thrilled with the taste but I have a lot more experimenting to do with recipes. Off to a start!

Time stamped, I promise.

Strain strain strain.

Frothy only b/c I blended with honey and almonds


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