Basics are tough.

Pan-seared salmon, roasted asparagus, herbed potatoes and curry hollandaise sauce. This is a classic American meal, it should be easy. It was not, proof is in the details.

I prefer steamed fish to pan-seared, but I decided on the pan-seared because I didn’t want to take time to soak the bamboo steamer ahead of time. A minute to seal in the moisture with a brown, carmelized coat failed in my non-stick pan. Even with ample oil olive, the seared layer stuck to the pan instead of my fillet. Only solution I see to this is using a non-stick pan.

Hollandaise sauce: I had some red curry paste in the fridge that I thought would be a nice flavor in the hollandaise sauce. I did not use enough of the paste to convey the flavor I wanted, and I was lazy and didn’t taste the sauce to adjust before eating. ALSO, hollandaise sauce needs its proper ratios. I love lemon juice and so I added too much and my sauce was runny and ‘broke’ into acid and butter on my plate. Recommended ratios are 1 stick melted butter, 2.5 T lemon juice, 3 egg yolks, pinch of cayenne and salt.

The meal was still tasty but not as good as it could have been. Details!

Almost amazing.


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