Annual tradition: filet mignon

Once a year I purchase a filet mignon steak from Whole Foods and devour it like a bear just up from hibernation. For a casual lunch at home, I rendered two slices of thick cut bacon in a cast iron skillet. I then seared my room temp filet mignon which had already been covered in salt, seasoning and olive oil. After a couple minutes of searing, I took out the meat and bacon to wrap the steak, as well as sprinkled Moody Blue Roth Kase on top, before finishing in the oven at 375F. I waited until the internal temp of the meat rose to 115F and then let it cool for 10 minutes before eating. Out of kindness to animals, I try not to kill the cow twice, 115F is medium rare. I had a little balsamic vinegar on the side for dipping to cut the fat.

Thankfully no video was taken of me eating this.


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  1. hodoh Said:

    Jamie, we just had filet mignon two days ago. It was washed, dried, sprinkled with S & P and devoured with moans of enjoyment 🙂

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