Urban adventures – intrepid

1. Home cooked meal
Through intrepid travel, I setup several four hour tours the first of which was a home cooked meal with a local family. We, the tour guide/translator and I, ate with the wife on the floor in her living room while her two toddlers napped in the next room and her husband worked at a restaurant. She grew up in eastern Turkey in a Kurdish farming family. When she was young she moved to the nearby city and by 20 was married by arrangement. Her husband and her moved to Istanbul 5 years ago and she doesn’t like the city much. She misses her extended family. She has never traveled outside of Turkey and is happy with her family.

For dinner we ate lentil soup, stuffed peppers, cucumber/tomato salad, and bread. The meal ended with black tea. Interesting experience.

Afterwards, the tour guide and i went to a local cafe and smoked apple mint hookah, drank apple tea and played backgammon. The view from the cafe was beautiful.





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