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Farmers market inspiration

-Spinach omelette
-Asparagus soup -also onions, potato, white wine, oregano, and herbs de provence (yogurt at finish)
-Radish and goat cheese sandwich -also brown butter sauteed green garlic and crushed almonds

Farmers’ market ingredients:
-green garlic
-goat cheese
-Russian rye bread

All fresh and tasty.


FMIOTW: Mustard Greens (HK)

As simple as fresh greens are, I never get sick of them. I was pleasantly surprised by the slight spicy kick of these mustard greens from Kadoorie Farm. A quick toss in the frying pan with some onion, garlic, salt and pepper and you have a healthy side dish.

don't let mundane appearances fool you!

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens (HK)

Kadoorie Farm is accessible by public transportation and is only an hour outside of Hong Kong. It seems like a nature preserve where the organization is trying to exemplify responsible mountainside farming practices. It is so much more than an organic farm. Along with the chubby pig below, there were photo-perfect views after every set of stairs…good motivation. AND, it was only 1.50USD admission!

Also, I had the most delicious banana of my life. It had a hearty texture and tasted slightly like an apple, not pithy at all.


The fog set the mood.

Mountainside farming

Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Pick Boxes

Thanks to Groupon, I bought a discounted box of fresh produce from Irv and Shelly’s community supported agriculture (CSA). Typically, for $31, a produce starved urbanite can have farm fresh ingredients delivered to home.

I patiently waited to use my coupon until mid-January when grocery store produce came only from Southeast Asia and Latin America. Irv and Shelly’s occasionally has to order from CA, but otherwise they are sourced by local greenhouses and indoor hydroponic farms.

On the advent of my box arrival, several friends and I had a cooking party. Here are the collaborative results:

Irv and Shelly's produce doublebox

Aravinda's blood orange carrot salad

Carmelized onion, goat cheese and arugula pizza, Sauteed crimini mushrooms!

Ecological model of farming for tastier food

I love this TED talk by Dan Barber. His point is to work with nature instead of manipulating it. He argues against disturbing the natural relationships in order to maximize taste for the long term.

Crop Mob 10/10/10: Spence Farms, IL

Marty and his Crop Mob visitors

On October 10th, my mom and I headed off to Livingston County in Illinois for our first Crop Mob event. The idea is that city people itching to be connected to their local farmers, volunteer for a day on a nearby farm.

Marty and Kris own and run their organic, sustainable farm with great passion and ambition. They supply restaurant chefs in Chicago and head up many community education initiatives. I would volunteer again in a heartbeat. The day was sunny and 80 degrees, the work was novel and the company was fun. hosted the event to focus on climate change. I joined the group through a Slow Food Chicago newsletter.