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FMIOTW: rosada fish

Rosada fish is known as pink bream in english. It is a firm, white fish with a pinkish hue and enough fat to keep it tender while cooking. At the local Triana market, it was only $1.40 for the entire fillet!! After some online research, i decided to steam the fish with garlic, onions, peppers and chorizo in foil in the oven.

I preheated the oven to 200 and then realized it was in Celsius so i turned it down to 100C. After 20minutes, i opened the foil an let it cook for another 10 minutes. The result was flaky, meaty fish with the subtle flavors of chorizo and garlic. Really really tasty!!





Fmiotw: pimientos

The peppers in spain are more flavorful than in the US. They add texture and taste to any combo of simple dishes.



FMIOTW: Between smoked salmon and goat feta

I felt spoiled this week by two unusual purchases, smoked salmon and goat feta cheese. I also found organic strawberries from Klug’s which are amazinggggg. The smoked salmon was salty and, um, smokey. 🙂 The goat feta had the texture of feta but that tangy taste of goat cheese, great combo. I made a salad with spring greens, sugar snap peas, kalamata olives, smoked salmon and goat feta drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Very flavorful meal, will add hard boiled eggs next time.

Tasty bites.

I love salads.

FMIOTW: sugar snap peas

While the Wendy strawberry’s from Mick Klug farms were unique and tasty, the snap peas from Nichol’s stole the show. I didn’t put those peas near the stovetop because they were crisp, refreshing and sweet as is. I made a strawberry and snap pea salad with a little apple mint and apple cider vinegar. Perfect summer side!!

Flavor burst.

FMIOTW: Spring lettuce

The season is still young and the farmers’ stands are overflowing with spring greens. I love flavorful, delicate spring lettuce in simple salads. I mixed a little olive oil and vinegar with avocado, fresh herbs and lettuce. Season with salt and pepper and you have a light, refreshing salad!


Nichol’s greens are the best. 🙂


Lots of green starter plants at the first outdoor Green City Market of the season but not a lot of inspiration. Perhaps I need a better imagination? Among the asparagus and greens, I found some meaty leeks and decided to honor them this week. I made a leek and potato soup that was toasty and filling for a cool spring day.

Keepin it vertical.

Sprinkle of lemon juice and a grilled cheese finish.

FMIOTW: Rhubarb

I picked up crisp, tart stalks of red rhubarb from Nichol’s stand this past weekend. Not being familiar with its uses beyond strawberry rhubarb pie, I went a simple route and made a rhubarb chutney with apple cider vinegar, curry powder, golden raisins and herbs. The chutney was very good on a goat cheese and strawberry toast, but it would be even better with a meat such as pork.

Trying to keep vertical veggies...vertical.

diced rhubarb, onion, golden raisins prepping for chutney

Strawberry, rhubarb chutney and goat cheese on dark rye bread

FMIOTW: asparagus

Local produce cycles back into season!

Loving instagram... 🙂

North Pond chef demo: Asparagus goat cheese strudel

FMIOTW: Ground elk meat

The local indoor market featured elk meat this past Saturday. Since I’ve never eaten elk, of course I had to buy some. The elk farm is located in Wisconsin and elk is apparently the largest species of deer in the world per Wiki. It tastes like….beef. It is not gamey at all and is characterized as leaner than traditional red meats. I prepared it in two ways, turkish pizza and meatballs.

Red and ready.

For turkish pizza, I switched lamb for elk and it worked well. I sauteed ground elk, onions, carrots, green bell pepper in olive oil and tomato paste with roasted cumin, coriander, salt/pepper, cayenne and deglaze with red wine. I used TJ’s plain pizza dough and cooked them for 10mins at 450F. I topped the pizza with an organic greens salad dressed in olive oil and lemon.

fried egg and hot sauce brought everything together...yum.

Elk meatballs
I prepped the meatballs by mixing one egg, kitchen sink spices, .5lbs ground elk, and then mixed in some panko bread crumbs and fresh parsley. In a cast iron skillet I rendered the fat from one piece of bacon and removed the bacon so it wouldn’t burn. I seared and cooked the meatballs for approx 3mins each side in the bacon fat. They were moist and flavorful, despite elk not having a distinctive flavor.

I love my cast iron skillet 🙂

FMIOTW: Pecans

The lady at the Three Sisters farmers market stand explained to me how pecans have a large outer shell that stays on as it falls off pecan trees. They harvest the pecans when the outer shell cracks open a little, using a manual vacuum type device. Anywho…these are fresh and can be used in so many dishes. I decided to candy them for a salad…

Sugared pecans
-placed .25 C white sugar and .25 C brown sugar in a small frying pan with .5 C water. I let the mixture boil down for awhile and added a dusting of nutmeg. -I then added a handful of chopped pecans to the pan and let the glaze coat the nuts.
-Lastly, I added 1 T. butter and stirred until melted and evenly coated.
-I poured the nuts onto a non-stick baking mat and let cool for 10 mins


Love three sisters

Butter, sugar and nuts...duh

Warm and sugary!

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